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We could write about how many athletes we have sent to the CrossFit Games, Regionals & Sanctionals ...
But if you are on this page, you already know all about that.

The main point: we create good programming, delivered via our amazing app.
Warm Ups ✓

Don't break yourself! Warm up & take care of the only body you have. Daily warm ups are included.

Progressive Strength ✓

Mixture of high volume, lower & maxes. The majority of our strength work is based off %, so all levels welcomed.

Lots of accessories  ✓

Hey, they work! We don't shy away from our big belief in accessory work. Build your body and become unbreakable!

WODs with a purpose ✓

If we say sprint, we mean sprint! If we say unbroken, we expect you to choose a realistic unbroken number! Train with purpose & intent.

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Your athlete program is delivered right to your phone using our very own web-based app!

→ Clear overview of the current, past or future
→ Clear overview of the current, past or future.
→ Leaderboard of your communities results.
→ Comment thread for your community.
→ Custom record section with real time data.
→ Access to multiple programs, turn off rankings, update settings.

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Our Open/Masters program is a condensed version of our Elite program - with slightly less volume & scaling options. 1-2 hours/day, 6 day week (with 1 'endurance' day).

Our elite program is 2-3 hours a day, 6 day week (with 1 'endurance' day). Aimed towards athletes who want to compete at a sanctional level.



Bridget Corcoran
Elite athlete program
Since being on the ALTR program i have grown as an athlete in a healthy way. I went from 1056th  to 88th in Australia in last years open!
Luke Spencer
Elite athlete program