Gone are the days of excel, docs and notebooks. With the advancement of technology, it would irresponsible to use older tactics if you are a busy business owner who needs all the time they can get!

As gym/business owners (especially as we are growing), we are constantly faced with the daunting transition of handing over tasks and responsibilities to others. You know it is beneficial for the growth of your business, but you cannot help the thoughts that flow through your head.. "But I do this the best", "What if they screw it up?", "Maybe I could just keep doing this task on Fridays...." "Ok no, I’ll do it don’t worry about it”.

Too many start up business fail simply because their owners continue to think and act like employees.

It's your duty to find the best and most efficient way to run your business: that's what will make you great.

This is why we created ALTR Project - a programming tool for busy gym owners who need a little help but still want to have control over their programming.

Its as easy as 1,2,3.. actually, its as easy as Define, Build, Launch!

Let's take you through it:

1. Define

Start by defining your calendar to be custom to your programs to your unique enviroment:

  • Rename programs (plus add more than 1 to your calendar)
  • Add your business name (if not already done on sign up)
  • Adjust the length of calendar for each individual program
  • Program settings > assign rest days, change metrics, update programming settings
  • Publishing workout dates: update to daily or weekly

2. Build

Start building your programs with our 3 ways:

  1. Drag & drop > instant workouts are created from our database
  2. Searchable library > search via key phrases
  3. Custom workouts

Further customise workouts:

3. Launch

Use our client app to seamlessly send your program to the palm of your clients hands!

Manage your clients all within your ALTR dashboard!

Want to try us for free? Sign up at www.altrproject.com!

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