What if you could save money & time, be in-control of what you are giving your members, all while having fun programming again?!

The average cost to outsource your programming is $200USD / month (*see our price list below).

While we are by no means discrediting the options to outsource... I'm sure we can all agree this is a large sum that could be spent on boarding new members, a kick ass marketing campaign, or maybe a few more buckets of chalk 😉

*EXAMPLE PRICE LIST (as at. Feb 2018)
Warmup & workout - $229USD/month
Affiliate Program - $249USD/month
Misfits - $500USD/3 months
Project Fits - $109USD/month

We created ALTR to allow Gym owners, coaches (and even some garage athletes!) to bring back the fun in programming again. With 1000's of tried & tested WODs, warm ups, strength components & benchmarks... Your options are endless!

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