ALTR was created out of personal necessity. We were going back and forth with programs, trying every one on the market! Of course, there are MANY great programs out there... but we always ended at: "this isn't programming to my specific needs".

Combining my mathematical background (I am a trained statistician who worked analytics at our country's governing sporting body) with Rob's programming mastermind (you can thank him for the hurt locker he puts you in!) ALTR was born.

Recently, we competed at the 2017 CrossFit Pacific Regionals, where our team had a dominating performance with 4/6 event wins over the weekend. We qualified in 1st place in our region for the 2017 CrossFit Games, where we came away with an event win (sled drag!) and finished 17th overall.

Our mission

Gym owners & Coaches

We see the amount of hours that gym owners & coaches pour into their businesses. More often than not, you are wearing multiple hats... marketing, book keeping, training clients, cleaning, growth... You name it, you do it! We wanted to create something that you can trust is going to be the best for your clients (while also having a little fun with it!). YOU know YOUR community better than anyone else.


We worked 9-5 jobs, trained one session per day, and made it to the CrossFit Games with the help of our tool. If we can do it... you can too! Life happens, work gets in the way, sometimes your just too exhausted to think about what you should be doing and need some help. You know your body best and thats where we come in.

What does the future hold for us?

We are an early company with big expectations. We have customers across 13 countries ranging from experienced programmers & gym owners, to novice. We love to get feedback: we look forward to making ALTR the most exciting and game changing tool that you use for the management of your business or your own training.

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