Powerful, Simple & Beautiful

Since ALTR Project was created and released, it has had new updates and added features from the outset.

WHY? Because we are not going to settle for normal, we are here to create something BIG.

We are coming into the ALTR 3.0 era & we are feeling that this is it.

We have created this bit of software that is going to change the way you look at programming for personal trainers, S&C coaches & CrossFit Boxes around the world.

Already used in countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, South America & the United Kingdom - we have listened to feedback and feel the newly added features are going to hit the mark with our client's.

Rather than going on about this ... we’re going to show you.

Coaches dashboard

Below is our NEW coaches dashboard along with three new ways to program.

1. We have kept our signature Drag & Drop feature, but moved it to the right hand side to make it easier when programming from right to left. The box also moves when you scroll down, so it's easier to program at the bottom of the calendar.

2. We have completely re-designed our advanced builder and have added our new 'searchable library'. It's super easy to find a workout you are wanting!

  1. Our third way to program is our custom builder. Build workouts form scratch here.

Check out a video in action below!

Client app

Coming soon ...

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